10 Easy Ways To Be More Organized


Today I thought I'd share some of my favourite tips on how to be more organized. Being an adult, you really need to have your stuff together but I have always lived by the logic of "it'll be fine and everything will work itself out. And when you're an adult with responsibilities... YOU CAN'T DO THAT. You can pretending you're fine for a while, but it wouldn't take long for you to be under a mountain of debt, behind on some payments or in negatives in your bank account. I haven't had all of these things, but it's pretty typical for people to run into these issues. After having a baby, I got a kick up the butt and realized that I cannot be a kid anymore; I have a tiny human that is dependent on me and I am responsible for her life and I'm in charge of providing for her! Which is terrifying. 

These tips are for money, plans, appointments and everything else. Some of these may seem obvious, but when you put them into action you will see the differences. You may have good intentions, but you need to actually put them into action to appreciate the differences. So if that sounds interesting to you, keep reading! 

1) Get a planner

Like I said, this may seem obvious but having a planner has made a huge difference in my life for organization. You don't have to have a typical planner like I do, you can bullet journal or use a notebook. It's all about what works best for you. For my planner, I use different colours for different things. I keep track of incoming money, out going money and payments, events, appointments and work. I used to do it all in one colour but it was so hard to quickly distinguish what was happening from each day. My planner is from the brand FRINGE, it was 12.99 from Winners. You CAN spend stupid amount of money on a planner but it is not required, like I said, it is up to you completey and is based on what works for you.

image3 (3).JPG

2. Get a calendar

 For me, a planner is great but I don't check it everyday. So to help my stay accountable, I have my calendar directly next to my front door so I have to see it before I leave the house. It includes all of the details that I write in my planner but in a slightly more accessible space. If you are a parent/ have a family, you can get really big calendars that are designed to accommodate a lot of information and details. Right now, Isla only has the occasional pediatrician's appointments, but when kids get older they have after school activities and classes and what not, so a large calendar helps you keep track of where you're meant to be and when! I still use different colours for different activities and events so I can quickly reference it based on the colours. Comes in handy for me. 

3. Weekly Menu

Unlike meal prep, I don't make my meals ahead of time but I DO plan my dinners for the week ahead. I have a whiteboard on my fridge with the information so I just quickly look at is and think "okay, that's for dinner".  It also comes in handy for organizing my groceries because I know exactly what I need for the meals and helps to cut down on waste. I go grocery shopping every two weeks, my groceries are bought based on the first week of meals and the second week of meals is based on the remaining items. It has saved me so much time and effort. Instead of panicking or wondering what I am going to eat, I have it all planned out. I just get what I need out of the freezer the night before and I'm ready to go. 

4. Amazon Subscriptions

As a mum, there are many things that I don't want to think about or stress about day to day. I want to know that I have diapers, wipes, formula and food for the kids instead of getting down to the last of something and having none left. Because NO ONE wants to have a poo explosion with no diapers left. This is where Amazon subscriptions are the best, on the 20th of every month, you have your subscriptions delivered directly to your door without having to worry about it. Need to skip a month? No problem! There is an option to skip a month or cancel at any time. For diapers,  you can change your subscription when your baby goes up a size so you don't need to worry about not having the right size. This has come in really handy, I don't have to go out and buy boxes of diapers, which is VERY hard when I am usually by myself. So this is a stress free way of doing it. PLUS, the more subscriptions you have, the more you save. I have Diaper Genie refills, food pouches, diapers, wipes and more for my subscriptions and it is so much easier to not have to think about it. 

5. Pre-authorized Billing/ Automatic Billing

No matter how organized I am, I still worry that one of my bills has fallen through the cracks and has been missed. With pre-authorized or automatic billing, you have your bills taken out of your account automatically without having to do it yourself. It comes in handy when you are caught up with life and ensures that you don't miss those very important payments. This can also be good for putting money into a savings account. That way, you ensure that you are putting money away and can budget with what you have left. If you do not feel comfortable setting up auto payments, make sure you document the dates that you made your payments. I recently had a payment go to someone else's account and I had to be able to provide them with the date of the payment and the reference number from my bank and how much I sent, so make sure you have this information in case you need it. 

6. Document Your Account Numbers

First thing's first, remember that this is very important information, you do not want this information to be easily accessible to anyone. However, it is EXTREMELY handy to have your account numbers documented somewhere. If you call companies with questions or you are making a payment, you will need to provide your account number so that they can find your account and answer your questions/ take payment.

7. Budgeting

After Isla has gone to bed, it's when I do my life admin stuff. I look at my accounts, write down my budget and what I need to buy/ what I need to pay. It ensures that I never go without and I can keep track of what I am doing. Sadly, having a debit card/ credit card or online banking can mean that you are less likely to document your money or keep track.  I want to do a full post on my budgeting and money saving, but it's so important to keep track of everything coming in and out. For me, I always write down my balances for the day. I want to see exactly what my remaining balances are and try to keep track of exactly where my money has gone throughout the day. It can be terrifying, but seeing those bad spending habits can be really encouraging to make you watch your spending and smarten up. IF you can, use cash for your purchases as it can help you avoid over spending when you physically have to hand the cash over.

8. To Do List

For a really long time, I found myself restless when going to sleep. I had a million thoughts running through myself brain that would stress me out and stop me from sleeping. I realized that I never took the time to write these thoughts down or try to remember them. After watching a Kendra's Atkins video, (check her out, she's awesome), I saw that she would write a to do list before she went to bed for what she needed to do the following day. It has become part of my routine to do this and has allowed me to have a better nights sleep because that constant narrative I had rolling through my brain is all written down and ready for the next day. I will keep a notebook next to my bed, too, so if I do think of anything, it's right next to me and can be instantly written down. You can also do it on your phone, obviously. 

9. Have a routine

I have always been a very lazy person, if I can stay in bed, I will. I've never been a morning person, I never had a routine or a schedule, but when you have a baby, you have a little more encouragement. I'll admit that Isla is pretty lazy, too. She will happily fall back to sleep in bed with me until 10am but I realized that it was a habit that we needed to break. Her naps were terrible and we weren't getting much done. So one day I decided to wake up and start the day at 7am when she woke up. And oh my god, she has the best naps! I decided to make this a regular thing, which seems really dumb but it has made such a difference for us. I'll admit, I'm exhausted most of the time, but they say it takes 21 days to break a habit or something, so I'm just working my way to a new path. I WILL admit though, I do not believe in schedules. A routine is doing things the same/ similar ways every time, where as a schedule is doing everything at the same time every time. I don't like to put a specific time on everything for Isla or myself because it means you are limited and for us, every day is different. I can't have her screaming bloody murder because she isn't napping in her bed at exactly 1. I need her to be versatile and adaptable and she is doing very well. I have seen a really amazing change since we moved to having a regular routine and I wish I had done it sooner.

10. Organize Your Mail/ Emails

I know that most people do not receive paper mail anymore, but I do have a lot of mail that is still sent to my door; whether it is bills, paperwork or anything else that is important, I know to file it away in a very specific way in order to make sure they are easy to find. I have a small filing box on wheels with many individual files in it. I can do a post about this specifically, but to give you a basic idea, I have one for Isla's paperwork, one for my important paperwork, one for bills, one for instructions and manuals for stroller/ car seat etc and one for banking. I ALWAYS find some paperwork that has no specific place but I do what I can. If you would like some more specific information about my mail organization, let me know. Now this isn't just for paper mail. It is really important to organize your emails, too. I have a lot of my bills sent to my email, and it is important to keep track of all of them and know exactly where they are when you need to reference them 

I believe that those are all of my tips that I have for now, I will add more if I think about it. Hopefully these are helpful for you! If you have any advice that you would recommend, let me know! I will never complain about things that will help me out! Thank you so much for reading, remember to share this post with your family/ friends or someone who you think needs to learn some of these tips! And let me know if you end up using any of these in your day to day life,

Thank you again, I always appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my posts. And I will see you in the next one!