Maternity Outfit Of The Day - Mustard Bodycon Dress

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Hello! And welcome back! 

A few days ago I posted a photo of my outfit and I had some questions about it so I thought I'd share the details! I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant, feeling awesome and wanted to show off my bump. But oh my goodness, maternity clothes are stupid expensive and I don't see the point of wasting money when you don't wear it for long. So I've been on the hunt to find cheaper alternatives that work for my pregnancy. And I ended up on the Urban Planet website where I found some goodies! 

Last pregnancy, I fell in love with bodycon dresses; they hug your curves and show off your cute little belly in a really flattering way and when you have a bigger size, it can grow without you. Whilst on my hunt through the Urban Planet website, I found this mustard dress in their clearance section. I just sized up from what I would regularly buy and took the risk and hoped it would fit. I am generally heavy chested, even when I'm not pregnant, so I usually buy a medium/ large, so I grabbed a large and hoped that it would stretch. I was so pleased when it arrived because it fits so well! There is a red and a rose colour, too and I am hoping to grab the rose pink before it's gone!! 

Not going to lie, most of my outfit is from Urban Planet. When I was searching on the website and I found multiple pieces that I had planned to wear together, so it is likely that my posts for my outfit will be mostly from Urban Planet. Because of that, my sunglasses are also from the Urban Planet website. They are a really awesome reflective rose gold lens with a thing rose gold frame. I wanted aviators but something more interesting. And that's what I found! I have this aesthetic in my head of what I want and I am hoping to have ticked all my boxes with these pieces. 

To match the rose gold glasses, I picked up these rose pink shoes with a rose gold accent at the back. I have wanted a white pair of sneakers for a while, but I can't justify buying full price Adidas shoes, so I was so pleased to grab a simple white pair from the website. Their current sale is something like buy one get a second for 5$, so I got two pair so of shoes for nothing. It's awesome. And  are sturdy and pretty awesome, so I'm happy with it. I also found these ones when I was adding my links, and they're cool, too.

The last item of this clothing is my denim jacket, I actually found this at a local Salvation Army. I love thrifting and I never understood why people are so against thrift shores/ charity shops. This was BRAND NEW, with the tags on it and I got it for 6$. This jacket is from Parasuco, the website didn't have the exact same jacket, but I did find a white version for 110$, so I think 6$ is pretty awesome. I was debating getting an oversized jacket, but I'm really glad that I found a regular fit jacket because when you're pregnant, you are obviously going to get quite large, so I don't see the point of adding extra bulk to my body. This jacket is the perfect size because it shows off the bump and I don't know about you, but I don't ever button up a denim jacket, so it's perfect! 

So that's it! I'm really happy that there was a lot of positive feedback for this outfit, I am so glad that I am taking the time for myself to put the effort in and actually look the way I want to look/ feel. Being a mum is hard, being pregnant is hard, and doing both is just.... a whole new level. But it's about taking the time for yourself and appreciating what you do, and what your body is doing without even realizing. I hope you enjoyed learning about the details of This outfit, and I have every intention of continuing to post about my outfits and what I'm wearing so it can possibly be helpful for other pregnant mamas! 

Thank you for reading and I'll see you in the next one!