Morning Routine With 9 Month Old


Hello and welcome back!

I have had a few people ask me how my mornings look with my 9 month old so I thought I would do a full post explaining our day to day routine.

This isn't going to be completely specific as every day is different for us, but here is the basics of what we do!

6-7am - Isla wakes up. Usually I am awake before her but I don't usually get out of bed until she wakes up. Once she's awake, I give her a bottle in her bed. She's really good at feeding herself so I am able to give her a bottle and go back to my room to get dressed, play on my phone and make myself a coffee. I like to spend time with her on my bed in the morning, so once she's done with her bottle, I will change her and bring her into my room to roll around/ crawl and play with some toys.

7-8am - I try to give her 45 minutes to an hour between her bottle and her breakfast, so we try to play for a while. After an hour, we move into the living room so I can put her in her highchair and prep our breakfasts. For people who have asked, I've added some breakfast details for both Isla and myself.

Isla - fruit (strawberries, mandarins, bananas, apples, pears), cereals (puffs, toodler-os, organic cheerios), waffles, toast, eggs.

Me - granola, oatmeal, fruit, yoghurt, waffles, bacon sandwich.

When she is eating breakfast, I will sit with her and finish my coffee, eat my breakfast and keep and eye on her to make sure she's not having any issues. When we're done I will wipe down her tray, move it to the kitchen and give her some toys on her tray to play with so I can do the dishes and clean up our breakfast mess and any mess from the night before. She's started rolling/ crawling so it's harder to leave her alone so it's easier to keep her in her chair with some toys. Once I'm done I will move her to the floor and let her roll around and play until she's ready for her nap.

9-10 - Usually at/ before this point she is super tired and ready for her first nap of the day. I'll prep a bottle and put her in her bed. Depending on the day, she will take the bottle but other days she is more interested in her soother and will pass out. This gives me an hour to two hour window to get ready and do whatever work/ cleaning that needs to be done. A lot of this time it is doing my hair/ makeup and finishing my coffee.

10-11 - when she wakes up, I make sure she is changed and has a fresh outfit on for the day. Everyday we go for a walk, so I check the weather and make sure she is dressed appropriately. Depending on the day and how she's feeling, I will either give her lunch before we leave or after we get back. If I feed her before we leave, I'll give her a bottle when we get back and if she isn't hungry before, I'll try giving her a bottle and do lunch after. It really varies from day to day. Here are some of the lunch items that I give her:

- usually she gets a pouch of purée, but I also do peas, sweet corn, ham, chicken, cheese, mum mums/ snacks, or whatever else I have in the house that she likes if she is still hungry afterwards.

When I'm back from our walk, we continue to play, read and do activities until she is ready for her afternoon nap which is usually at 12/1pm.

Like I said, every day is different and I will never live on a specific schedule because it is really impractical. I can't see the logic of specifically timing absolutely everything in your day and I like that Isla is adaptable to any and all situations that arise. I explained it all in my 10 Tips For Staying Organized post, and if you have a schedule, that's cool but I just don't see the point.

And that's it, a basic outline of my mornings with my 9 month old. I hope you found this interesting! Let me hear what your mornings look like, I would love to hear about them!

Thank you for reading, if you want to hear about our nighttime routine, please let me know and I can do that for you. If you have any other ideas for me, you can contact me on my social media. My username is  frankiiebeauty on everything! Hope you have a good day and I'll see you in the next one!