L'Oréal Clay Masks Review And First Impressions


Hello guys! Welcome back! 

Today I am back on the skincare train as I picked up 2 of the new L'Oréal Clay Masks. If you've followed me for a while, you will know I am VERY obsessed with skincare as I have some pretty terrible skin. After my pregnancy and my hormones being extremely confused, my skin has been less than cooperative. 

My skin tends to change its mind in a regular basis as to what it's issue is going to be. So at the moment I am pimply and oily but sometimes I am dry and cracked. It's a hard time. And I'm a baby. :P

So because of my every changing skin, I have decided to compare and review two of the three Masks as these two are best suited for my skin at the moment. I'm going to be showing the details of each and comparing them, even though they have different purposes. So let's get started. 

        Orange                                                   Black

        - Pore Refining                                      - Brightening 

         - Exfoliating                                        - Energizing

         - Very Soft Formula                        - Very Thick Formula

              - Not Stick Or Tacky                   - Extremely Sticky & Tacky

           - A Little Goes A Long Way        - Have To Use A Lot Of Product

    - Easy To Move Product On Skin           - Hard To Spread Product

          - Doesn't Dry Painfully                      - Painful Once It's Dry

  - Contains Exfoliant Pieces                       - Smooth Product

         - Skin Doesn't Feel Cleaner                - Skin Doesn't Feel Cleaner

              - Pores Look Smaller.                       - Skin Is Brighter And Even

       - Face Feels Smooth And Tight       - Skin Feels Tight And Renewed

[UNSET] (3).png


Overall, I definitely prefer the orange mask for my skin at the moment. It's giving me the results I need for my current skin condition. But I will admit that I do like to mix these masks for best results. I use the orange on my T-Zone to help with my large pores and use the black on my outer areas of my face to help brighten the skin. They both leave my skin feeling moisturized and tight, making me feel like they are actually doing something.

 I definitely recommend using a facial scrub before using these masks, I found that I could still extract a lot of dirt from my pores even after using the exfoliant from the orange mask.  One thing I will advise is that when you do use a scrub before,

It may cause you to have a tingling or burning sensation. Although I do have sensitive skin, for me, this wasn't completely unbearable but for others with more sensitive skin I can see it being far worse. So just be advised.

All in all, I do like these masks and I like how they are affordable and readily available. I will admit that I prefer the orange mask and I know that it will last longer than the black mask due to its thinner consistency. But still, they're pretty consistent and I really like them. 

If you would like me to write a full skincare routine and list of items that I love to use, let me know. Whether that's in the comments below or by contacting me ok my social media platforms. (Frankiiebeauty on everything)

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this was interesting and educational for you. I had a really fun time trying out these products and writing about them for you. Hope you're having a wonderful day and I'll see you in the next one. 

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