Sleep Child Of Mine Baby Nest Review



Today I'll be talking about baby nests. If you've had a baby within the last few years, you may be familiar with the idea of Dock-A-Tots/ Baby Nests but in case you are unfamiliar with them and the brand Sleep Child Of Mine, let me explain! This is not a sponsored post, I paid for this with my own money and will be sharing my honest opinion. 

Sleep Child Of Mine is an Ontario, Canada based Etsy store that hand makes personalized baby nests and ships worldwide. Owned and operated by Sherry, a working mum of 3, she hand makes each and every nest to the customers size and specifications with the ability to choose the fabric from the wide variety that she can access. It's safe to say that these are hand made with love and being able to make it personal to my baby is something that makes her store so appealing. 

In Sherry's words "Baby/ Toddler nests came about in Europe and have been around for decades. It is a clever way to provide a comfy sleeping spot for babies where they don't feel exposed on a big empty space. Like a cot, they are said to be safer to co sleep with a baby in a baby nest than without. I believe they were originally developed for babies in neonatal units but were later adapted for healthy, full-term babies as well. With the increased popularity, baby nests are being masses produced and sold worldwide." They are said to give the baby a similar environment to being in the womb, due to the thick walls that surround them. I originally had a baby nest when Isla was born and I found it helped her sleep better. The best thing about about baby nests is that they are so versatile, although originally designed for sleeping, they can also be used for: changing, outdoor play, resting, cuddling, bed transition and supervised tummy time. I found my baby nest to be very helpful when moving Isla from her bassinet to her own room as she was still very small compared to how large her crib was. 

About my nest specifically, I purchased the toddler sized nest. I chose a lemon fabric for the "front", as Isla's last name is Lemon; and a blue polka dot fabric for "back". Obviously that isn't the way the nest HAS to go, but that's just the best way of explaining it. The nest contains a rope that goes around the outside of the nest that is fully encased in a thick denim fabric. This is so you can tie the bottom, keeping baby in the nest and also provides a snug environment for the baby, similar to the womb. One of the things I really like about this nest is that the stitching isn't perfect. I know that may sound strange to some, but it shows the hand crafted aspect and shows the love and dedication that is put into each and every nest, instead of being manufactured off a machine. Each and every nest has it's own individual character and I think that is what makes this company so wonderful and special. I also purchased a matching Minky Blanket to use for Isla as well.  


This nest is so sturdy and reliable. Easy to wash and reshape if needed. The beautiful pattern that is sewn into the middle of the nest is both pretty and ensures that the stuffing is evenly distributed even after being washed. Every nest includes washing instructions, so you don't have to be concerned about ruining the nest, as all of the information is provided to you.  

All in all, I can say I really like this product. Compared to other nests on the market, the ability to personalize and customize these nests is a real winner for me. I would prefer to spend my money on something that is special and original compared to a generic nest from a large company. I also love the idea of helping another mother to thrive and earn money for her family. I appreciate the love and heart that goes into these nests and I look forward to purchasing another for my second daughter arriving this summer. 

Please check out the FacebookInstagram and Etsy store for Sleep Child Of Mine and let her know that you found her through this post! If you have any questions about these nests, let me know or contact the store directly. Sherry is always really quick to answer and makes sure you never feel like you have a dumb question. 

So that's it! Hopefully this was interesting to read and helpful. If you do purchase a nest, let me know! I would love to see what patterns and fabric you choose! You can also post a photo on Instagram with the #sleepchildofmine or tag them in your post on Facebook @sleepchildofmine. Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it so much and I'll see you in the next one! 

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