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I while ago, I took the leap and decided to get some lash extensions! I have to admit, I went into this experience with absolutely no previous knowledge lash extensions at all. I tried to find some tips for lash beginners and I struggled to find anything, so I decided to post something myself instead! I had my lashes done at Live Love Lash London. This was one of the best decisions I could have made as the owner, Pana, is one of the most helpful lash technician of all time. She was absolutely wonderful and is definitely a great technician to go to for a lash extension newbie. 

 So, for all of the other newbies out there, like myself, here is my personal experience with some tips and tricks from a professional and hopefully hopefully you will find this insightful. 

When I arrived at Live Love Lash London, I was handed a waiver to read and sign; it basically ensures that you understand what you are doing in terms of getting the lash extensions; the steps and processes you go through to achieve your final goal and outcome. Although it's not a permanent change, it is something that you need to take the time to understand what the technician will do, to confirm if you have any allergies to products that may be used and the steps you need to take once the process is completed. This is something that is really important; you want to make sure that the waiver is something that your tech provides to you, no matter who you go to. If they do not complete this step, this may be a concern. Pana explained all products and tools that are used and helped me understand them a little better, as well as providing me with details as to why she uses the brand of products. 

Once the waiver is signed and ready to go, the next set should be to sit down with your tech and have a consultation. This is where they look at the shape of your eye and advise you on the best shapes and styles of lashes they would recommend for you specifically. Everyone is different, so this will allow you to choose what s best for you.  This stage is also used to see how many lashes you have and how long your natural lashes are. So, for example, I have very short lashes, but there are a lot of them, this is very common for most people and lack of length tends to be the main reason that people search for extensions to begin with. When it comes to choosing your lashes, you have two options; add volume or add length, but you cannot do both. I chose to lengthen my lashes as I did not need additional volume due to my lashes are thick to begin with. Personally, I have almond shaped eyes, which was something I had never known before. The benefit of having almond eyes is that you can choose pretty much any style of lashes, as almond is the most versatile eye shape. 

There are different kinds of eye lashes, Classic, volumes and clusters. Clusters are similar to individual lashes that you can purchase in drug stores, this is around 2-3 lashes that are pre-prepared by being glued together; when it comes to lash extensions, this is NOT what you want your tech to be using. Classic are what most lash techs will use. Classic lashes are individual lashes that are applied to each natural lash for the most natural and effortless look. Finally there are volumes, these are lighter lashes that are made into fans, these are designed to add volume rather than length to the lashes. 

After consulting with Pana, I decided to select the cat-eye shape lash look as this will elongate my eye in a very Kardashian-esque way. This whole process takes about two hours, so it will be two hours of laying down, perfectly still. At first I thought it was going to be super difficult, but it actually wasn't at all. It was super relaxing to the point that I almost fell asleep a few times while on the table. The only uncomfortable part about this experience is the little white pads that are placed on the under eye. They are used to keep the bottom lashes flat so you don't glue your lashes together. When I had my eyes open I felt irritation as it is a feeling Ii was not used to, but I did get used to it rather quickly. Once my eyes were closed to begin the session, I didn't really notice that they are there at all. The reason this is such a long process is because each individual lash has an extension applied. Each person, on average, will have between 120-150 lashes per eye.. so that's a lot of extensions to apply. If your session is shorter than this, it can be concerning as you would not be getting your money's worth of service. Make sure that your tech is not using clumps of lashes, these are damaging and are not professional products, you should be looking for individual lashes that will match up to each natural lash.

Once you have completed your sitting and your lashes have been applied, you will be provided with after-care tips and advice. Part of the Live Love Lash London service includes providing you with a Spooley Brush to brush and care for your lashes in between fills and sessions. Pana provided me with a full printed copy of all the after care information. I have made a bullet-pointed list of all important information down below. 


Questions I asked and things I have learnt from this experience: 

What products does Live Love Lash London use? 

The brand is Borboleta, it is a company from Utah that produces high quality lashes, products and tools. 

How long do the lashes last? 

The average person loses 3-5 lashes from each eye on a daily basis. This is something I didn’t realize before, but when you have lash extensions, you become VERY aware of this. It is quite scary to see long lashes on your pillow when you wake up. I kept thinking I had ruined my set and had to remind myself that it is normal to lose lashes, it’s just slightly more obvious now. The full set will last until every lash falls out. This can take up to 6 weeks based on your lash cycle. You also have the ability to get fills in order to extend the life of your extensions. 

How often do you need a fill? 

Due to the natural growth cycle of eyelashes, you would lose all of your lashes within a 60-90 day time frame, as new lashes grow in on a regular basis. It is recommended to get a fill every three to four weeks to replace lashes that have been lost in the renewal process. 

Is there an age bracket on lashes?

Lash extensions are for everyone! Any age can have lash extensions and the look will be tailored around you based on your age and the look you are going for. 

Are all lash extensions the same?

No, lashes are different based on length, weight and shape. During your consultation, you will be advised on what is the best option based on your natural lashes and the look you are going for.

My best advise for looking for a lash tech. 

They way I feel about a lash tech is the way I feel about a tattoo artist. Do your research. Look at their portfolio and previous work to see what their end result looks like, look at reviews of their services from past customers to see if it is a consistent positive response. Check to see their pricing and products to confirm that you are getting the best value for money service. Make sure that your tech is someone like you like and feel comfortable around; if you are spending multiple hours with someone every time you see them, you want to make sure that you don't completely hate them. Ensure that they sterilize and clean all tools that they use, the eye is a very sensitive area of the body and you do not want to get any foreign substances or germs in there. 

Make sure you shower before your appointment to ensure you have a clean base to begin with. Do not use waterproof mascara for at least a week before your appointment as it will add a layer of film to the lashes that will cause the extensions to not adhere to the natural lash, causing them to fall off faster.

 After care advice: 

  • Do not pull or tug at lashes as it can cause additional fall out of lashes. 

  • Do not get lashes wet for the first 24 to 48 hours. 
  • Use oil free makeup remover and face washes. 

  • As lashes are synthetic, make sure to clean your lashes using baby shampoo, saline solution or eye lash extension washes; This is because synthetic fibers can attract dusk and dirt. 

  • Do not use mascara as this will pull at lashes. If lashes are applied correctly, mascara should not be required. 

  • If you see gaps in lashes due to the natural lash loss cycle, do not use individual lashes, use strip lashes with duo eye lash glue to avoid damaging extensions. 

  • Do not use waxy eyeliner pencils, liquid liner/ felt tip liners recommended. 

  • Avoid sleeping on your face or your side as you will experience extra loss. 

  • Avoid cotton pillows as it causes friction which encourages breakage to hair and lashes. (Silk is recommended) 

  • Cleanse face daily to ensure lashes are clean when you go to bed. 

So that's it! We're done! This is my lash extension tips and tricks and what I learnt from my first experience. Hopefully you found this post helpful and interesting; if you did, share it with your friends to let them know! If you have anything else that you would like to add or anything you would recommend, comment then down below or contact me on social media.

Thank you so much for reading guys, as always, I really appreciate it. And I'll see you in the next one.


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