Second Trimester With First Pregnancy

Hello and welcome back to the blog!

Today I am doing a highly requested post and that is my second trimester update! I wrote this when I was 28 weeks pregnant pregnant and was getting into the last stages of my pregnancy with Isla and I wanted to share it with you.

I've had a lot of people ask for my updates on my symptoms and any problems I have run into in my pregnancy so I wanted to give you guys some notes that can be interesting for you and maybe put your mind at ease if we have the same symptoms. I also did a first trimester notes post that was in a slightly different format, so check that out if you are interested! If you follow me on twitter then you will know that I am very candid about my symptoms, I find that pretending that things are perfect will just lead others to feel like their symptoms are bad/ different when it is something that everyone has to deal with. Hence why I like sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. Because we are all in this together. 

One of my first notes is that my morning sickness is gone! Which is a miracle in itself and because of this I have been able to eat some of my favourite foods again and I am so glad to have them back in my life.. I missed you, lasagna. 

One symptom that has always been consistent and that is that I am still super super tired all the time. I have heard that in third trimester you are meant to have a burst of energy... I am still waiting for that to happen. I am very lucky to be at home full time because it means that I am allowed to have a nap whenever I need to and it makes my life so much easier. But when I was working full time, it was awful because I would be exhausted at my desk and couldn't do anything about it. 

Recently I have found myself getting quite hot and sweaty in pretty much every situation and it can be very frustrating. I will admit that being heavily pregnant in the spring/ summer is going to make me miserable in general, so I am taking this with a grain of salt. Still sucks though. 

My appetite has definitely grown over my second trimester BUT I found myself eating due to boredom at my work and it became hard to tell if I was actually hungry or not. It did make me gain a huge chunk of weight in a one month period this trimester so I can assume that my appetite was really messed up this trimester! :P however, my appetite has lessened since I started being at home full time so who knows what the future holds.

If you read my previous post then you will know that I have never really craved anything in my life and I don't really know if what I am feeling is a craving or not but recently I have really really wanted coleslaw and magnum ice cream, which is weird because I genuinely hate ice cream but I have really wanted some recently which is making me assume it is a craving. But it's has been fun to see what baby likes and dislikes. 

We also have the general stuff like aches and pains, bending down is becoming harder and harder every single day as the bump gets bigger. One of the main pains has been in my back, it has been soooo painful!! Luckily, I have a lovely man to rub my back... but only after I complain about it for at least 10 minutes ;). We have the same issue with my leg cramps, I get some KILLER leg cramps in the middle of the night and my lovely fiancé is the heaviest sleeper ever and is never woken up by my whimpers of leg pain :P Oh, how lucky he is. 

So far I haven't had anything go wrong with my pregnancy, it has been quite an easy ride so far, knock on wood. I had a few concerns, but in general we have had a good ride so far. I keep making jokes that I hope she is this simple to deal with on the outside. 

One of my favourite parts so far has been feeling her movements. She is the most active baby on the planet I swear. And now she is getting bigger and her space is getting smaller, her movements are so obvious and amazing. Although she is annoying sometimes as she kicks at the most inconvenient times, it is so wonderful to feel her move and know she's in there and having a great time. 

Getting into the weird and for some reason taboo topics. 

I want to start this by saying that these things are so hilarious and so common and it is totally okay to deal with these problems, don't be ashamed. So now that I have explained that, the first thing is peeing when you sneeze; I have done this so many times that now when I sneeze, my fiancé instantly asked if I peed myself, because it's a very unpredictable occurances. Who knows when it will go down. And yes, it has happened in public and it will happen. Wear a panty liner if you need to, but it's totally okay. 

Next one is lactation/ leaking. I have had this happen twice so far, and they happened in the same shirt for some reason. You can wear the nipple pads, I personally don't do it frequently enough to feel the need to wear them. But I am sure that I will need them soon enough. 

And that's it, we're done! Sorry for the rambles, pregnancy is crazy. I hope this made you feel a bit better about some of your symptoms! There will be a new post up tomorrow with some beauty bits so keep an eye out for that! 

Thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate your love and support! And I'll see you in the next one!