Laneige B.B. Cushion Hydra Radiance Review


Once again, thanks to the wonderful team over at Influenster, I was lucky enough to receive the Laneige B.B. Cushion to test out and I’m excited to share my opinion with you guys about this product. 

I will admit that since becoming a mum I haven’t been taken the time to take care of myself and do what I need to feel good about myself. Makeup makes me so happy, I love the art and creativity of it and how wonderful I feel when I wear it; but when you have two babies under 2, it makes it hard to find the time. So I usually have brows, mascara and my hair in a bun at most. 

So when I got this, I wasn’t sure if I would actually use it, but hey! I wanted to try something new. So let’s jump in and I’ll give you my pros and cons about this product. 

It is a B.B. cream in a cushion form. For 48$ you get 0.52oz which is not a lot at all. In my PR package I did get a replacement sponge as well, I cannot promise that the regular pack will include 2. But I hope so! It includes a 50+ broad spectrum SPF, which is appealing to me because I want to take better care of my skin but I struggle to remember to put on anything with SPF so this skips that step. 

I received the shade Porcelain and I was pleasantly surprised. I was prepared for it to be too dark for me because I usually have to take the palest shade and even then it is usually not yellow enough for my skin but this shade was the perfect match for my neck and actually matched better my neck than actual face skin.

The main think that I really don’t like it that it is very heavily scented, almost way too scented. I find this is common in high end products. It’s actually the exact same smell as the Givenchy mascara I reviewed a few months ago. Read that here

So when applied, I can genuinely say that the product looks like my skin but better. It sinks into my skin without looking heavy or cakey. The formula is not heavy at all which is kind of expected with a B.B. cream. But with a thinner formula you can expect a lighter coverage. I’m typically a full coverage kind of girl because my skin has always had issues, especially around my chin from acne scars. The coverage wasn’t terrible but it IS on the lighter side but I’d buildable if you need.

I usually prefer a matte finish because my skin has become really oily after all of the hormonal changes from pregnancy but I was surprised to find that the finish is beautifully dewy on the skin. And although I usually prefer to set with a matte powder, is decided that it wasn’t needed because I was really happy with the finish.


Like I said, it has SPF built in, which is awesome as I wish there were more products that had that built in to encourage skin care for sun damage. I have always looked for products but I have never found any that I like or actually wanted to try. It’s just a shame it’s so expensive for such a small amount of product. 

You get an applicator sponge with a ribbon to hold it. I found it did slide around and even with a tapping motion, it was hard to use. The good thing about it is that it does not eat product which means that all product goes onto the skin instead of being wasted. 

Going along with that, it doesn’t take a lot of product to cover the skin but also doesn’t have much in the container so it is awesome but frustrating. That’s the benefit of having the replacement sponge, but that is only if it comes with two. And even the second one doesn’t add much more product. Just seems crazy to me that you pay 48$ CAD for such a small amount of product. I will have to see how long this product will last as it will only be used sporadically until I’m on a better schedule with the girls but I doubt it would last long if you were to use it daily.

So that’s it! mum probably really annoyingly in-depth review of the Laniege B.B. Cushion Hydra Radiance! Let me know if you have tried this yourself and tell me what you think of it. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Remember to keep up to date with me on my social media, I am @frankiiebeauty on Twitter and Instagram so don’t forget to give me a follow. I’m pretty active when the girls aren’t keeping my busy. Thank you again for reading and I’ll see you in the next one!