Style From The Start Haul And Review

Hello And Welcome Back!

Welcome back! Today, I'm excited to share with you a small haul of items that I have picked up recently for my kids! I recently found the brand Style From The Start and picked up a few items for my girls, because who doesn't love the idea of matching outfits?! This is my first purchase from this site so I wanted to share my opinions with you and let you know about this brand and their products!


So let's start with a little bit of information about the company itself. Style From The Start is an Ontario, Canada based company owned by engaged couple Kylie and Alex. They started Style From The Start after having their daughter and finding that they struggled to find clothes that fit her, and when they did, she would grow out of them quickly. With this logic, and to avoid further money losses, they designed their zip suits that allow for the clothes to grow with their child. Through their success, they have grown their brand to also include teething items, bibs and more! If you've followed me for a while, you'll know I love to support small businesses, especially Canadian ones! So I couldn't help but show them some love.

I placed my order for 3 zip suits and a "bunny ears" teething toy. I wanted to see a variety of what is on offer from their shop. Hilariously, I didn't read anything about the suits before I bought them, so it was a nice surprise to see their cool design when they arrived. These suits have a zipper from the top and from the bottom. Which at first, I was a little confused by and then I realized, that is pretty genius. The zipper from the top is to put baby into the suit and the zipper from the bottom is for when you are changing them... HOW CLEVER IS THAT?! But wait, there's more. On the hands and feet, there are fold over flaps. This is where the "growing with baby" comes in. So you can start with the flaps folded down like a mitten for their hands and feet and this is for when they are on the smaller end of the sizing, and when they start to grow you can flip them up and have footless PJs! I hope you understand the genius here.


I picked up two rose sets, one in 0-6 month and 6-12. I am expecting another little girl in June and I wanted for them to have matching outfits. These suits seem to be selling out quickly so I thought I would invest in a set for them both before they were gone. Seems crazy to think that in a few months I will have two beautiful ladies to call my own! I also picked up the Pink Toucan zipper suit, and loved it SO much that I have picked up another larger size for another matching set! I'm cool, I swear. These are really good quality suits that I am really excited to see grow with my kids. I also look forward to having more in their wardrobe. 


The last item I picked up was the grey and white bunny ear teether. It is a soft minky fabric on one side of the ear, a grey and white striped fabric with a crinkle in between. The beech wood ring is strong and sturdy and helps baby's gums feel better when teething. Within second of giving it to Isla, it was in her mouth with a smile on her face. I am taking that as a win. 


I am really impressed with the items I got from this haul and I look forward to picking up some more pieces from them in the future. I see that they are adding more and more to the store on a regular basis and I hope to pick up some of those items for both Isla and my new addition! Especially the bibs, the bibs are adorable and I want to have a bunch of them in my life. 

I do actually have a discount code for you to use if you do decide to pick up any items from the store! Use the code @frankiiebeauty for 15% off at checkout! If you do get anything, please let me know, I would love to see what pieces you pick up from them. 

And that's it! I really love this brand and I am so excited to support them in their future. I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know your thoughts in the comments down below or on social media. I am frankiiebeauty everywhere. Thank you for reading and I'll see you in the next one.