What's In My Diaper Bag - Skip Hop Chelsea 2 in 1 Downtown Diaper Bag Review


Hello and welcome back! 

Another mummy blog post today! I've had a few people ask me what is in my diaper bag for my 8 month old and I thought it would be something fun to do! Included in this post will be my review of the Skip Hop Chelsea 2in1 Downtown Diaper Bag because I may as well combine them. This post is not sponsored by any company, I got all of these items myself and spent my own money on them. Most of these items have become my favourites. So let's get started!

So I'll start by explaining the bag itself. This bag is a bucket bag, similar to a tote but has two medium sized, pockets in the back panel that are elasticated on the top. I use one pocket for my Nappies (diapers) and wipes. I use the Pampers Baby Dry or The Honest Company diapers depending on what I have on hand. For wipes I am using the Huggies Clutch N' Clean Carry Case and fill it with the Pampers Sensitive Wipes as they have the refills. The second pocket contains a full outfit change for Isla, which I have photographed and detailed in a lower paragraph. 


This bag also includes two bottle pockets on the side, which I fill with the Tommee Tippee bottles which I love SO MUCH. I have found that these are the best bottles on the market and are the most similar to an actual nipple. PLUS Isla is able to hold onto her own bottle now, which is another reason to keep using these. As they say. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I am a formula mama due to multiple issues with breast feeding Isla, so I have my President's Choice Formula dispenser full of Nestle Good Start 2 but I prefer the Kirkland Formula from Costco because Nestle have done some really awful things that I am not a huge fan of, but that's for another day. And that container is usually just randomly thrown in the bag. 


The bag also includes a small zipper pocket on the front. this usually includes my keys, MotrinAdvil for teething and her diaper/ nappy ointment, my Listerine fresh breath strips, which I love and hand sanitizer. I use the Substance Nappy Ointment or the Live Clean Diaper Ointment.  I originally used a travel tin of Penaten but I found that if Isla had a really sore rash, it would make her scream in pain to have the cream on an open sore. I wanted to try something new and found these products which I prefer as they are full of good, natural products. I really like the Live Clean Diaper Ointment and it is what I have on my change table because I have a HUGE container of it. Where as this Subtance ointment, I only have this little container for traveling but I still love it. 

In the center of the bag, you can add a large zipper pocket. Which includes a foldable change mat, which I think is an amazing addition to any diaper bag, two large pockets inside and a small zipper pocket on the outside of the additional piece. Inside the larger pocket, I have my wallet as it isn't the safest place for it with the zipper, the change pad, Isla's teething toys, Bumpkins Wonder Woman Teething Toy, Munch MittDr Browns WatermelonStyle From The Start Bunny Ears (not pictured) and her second Wubbanub. Before you ask, I have two Wubbanubs because Isla is very attached to her dog and if she throws it on the ground (which is he right favourite game) I want to be able to replace it with a clean one. It also means that I have one on hand for her if she ever loses one. Which would be the end of the world for her. 


The front of the insert also includes two medium pockets. One is used for food, this includes Mum MumsLove Child TeefiesGerber PuffsBaby Gormet Puffies and a Purée Pouch. I am currently loving the Love Child pouches. I pride myself on being overly prepared. And in the second I will have another change of clothes for Isla. She has recently moved up in her clothing size so these are fresh outfits. We have two long sleeved H&M Onesies, 2 pairs of leggings/ jeggings, 2 pairs of socks and 2 bandana bibs. Although she rarely needs a change of clothes, I know that if I take them out, she will have a blow out and I will regret it, so I am overly organized. And because it's winter I have her cute wooley hat. It was a gift so I have noooo idea where it's from, sorry. And her large fluffy hoodie from Joe Fresh.


The rest of the bag is usually stuffed with whatever I can fit. This can be a bunch of toys, like her Skip Hop Bunny and Hedgehog, and her Sassy Ring Rattle. One of my favourite things in my bag is my Over Cover. It is designed to go over the top of your car seat to help protect baby from the elements, keep out the light for a baby to nap and can also be used to cover the seat in shopping cart! Which I just learnt about and is totally awesome. 


Some additional pieces of information about this bag, in case you are interested in purchasing it. On each end of the bag there is a strap that can be used to connect the bag to the handle of your stroller/ buggy. For me this is really handy because the further I get into my second pregnancy, the harder it is for me to bend down and try and grab things out of the bottom basket of the stroller. The only thing I don't like about this bag is that it doesn't have a full closure. This can be both handy, for access but does mean that you do not have the best security for your items. I would like it to be fully closed but I do enjoy how it looks and how big it is. 


 Aaaaand I think that's it. It's crazy how much you need for such a tiny person. And now that I have my second tiny person on the way, I have to look into a bigger bag. So I have included a wishlist below of some even bigger Skip Hop bags. I really love the quality of these bags and I look forward to getting another one to accommodate both babies. 

Hopefully this was interesting and helpful for you. If you have a Skip Hop diaper bag or a diaper bag in general you love, let me know in the comment down below or contact me via my social media. I am @frankiiebeauty everywhere! Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed it! And I'll see you in next one.