What’s REALLY In My Hospital Bag.


Hello and welcome back! 

If if you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I am finally at the tail end of my pregnancy with baby lemon #2. The count down is officially on now with just over two weeks until my surgery! I’ve had many people ask me “what’s in your hospital bag with baby A” because there can be big differences between your bag with your first baby vs your second. Which is very true. In my first hospital bag, I forgot important things and also brought items that were pretty pointless and never saw the light of day. 

Because of this, I feel as though I am more prepared and have packed the things I NEED rather than over packing random stuff. This time, I have one suitcase and that’s it. Last time I had a suitcase and 2 additional bags. Which is ridiculous. Some of the stuff you need isn’t pretty, it’s not aesthetically pleasing and in some cases, the items are a little embarrassing! So let’s get into the nitty-gritty and talk about all of the wonderfully disgusting things to look forward to. 

So I will start by letting you know that I am having a scheduled c-section due to my girls being so close in age and having a c-section previously. I mention this purely because in a lot of cases of natural birth, you can be out of the hospital within 24 hours but usually with a c section, you are in for 2-3 days so I have packed for that amount of time. Along with that, baby A will be having a 2-3 day stay in the NICU due to monitoring her heart defect so I have packed to accommodate that, too. 

I’ll start by listing what is most important and then extras that will make your stay more comfortable. 

 List for you:

- Hairbrush! This is the top of the list because I forgot mine last time and it was the worst thing ever. Don’t forget it. Hair accessories, too. Hair ties, clips and headbands. I love the Pieces To Peaces headbands. Use the code “frankiierep” at checkout for $$ off. 

- Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash.

- Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel (if you believe you will be in for more than a day or so) 

- DEODORANT! If you are most likely to be in a few days but worry about being able to shower, this is better than nothing. 

- Facewipes and general skincare. For me, having surgery makes it hard to stand up/ bend over so washing my face in the sink is not easy or comfortable. I found it easier to use face wipes and continue to do my regular moisturizing routine. Better than nothing

- HUGE pads or adult diapers. I personally love the Depends adult diapers, when you have a c-section the fact that the diapers sit over the incision without digging in makes it so comfortable. Most underwear pushes into that area which can be very uncomfortable when you have a fresh new incision. If you choose to use pads, then obviously some big granny pants would be the best decision.

- Cooling Spray. Seems super random but even if you have a c-section, your lady parts can still be uncomfortable and painful. I loved the Matter Company Substance line which includes the Cooling Spray For Mom. It’s a natural way to calm and soothe sad lady bits.  

- Nursing Bra. I have two that I’m bringing with me, the first is just a sport bra style from Motherhood Maternity. This style is recommended because it doesn’t have any underwire but I will also be bringing my favourite nursing bra from Wonder Bra which has underwire. 

- Slippers, sandals or socks. Hospitals are usually quite clean, but it’s always a good idea to bring food wear. I wear my Birkenstocks because of how swollen your feet will be.  

- Pillow. Last time I found myself to be really uncomfortable after my surgery and dreamt of having my own pillow from home. Make sure you use a very obvious/ colorful pillow case so the hospital doesn’t try to wash it or think it’s the hospital’s. 

- Phone, Charger. This can be for entertainment purposes during labour, for photos or for updating family members etc. so it’s very important.  

- Books, games, music, headphones, tablet etc. For me, I’m bringing my DS to play Animal Crossing. Because baby A will be in the NICU, I will have a lot of alone time. Although I’m allowed in the NICU whenever I want, they are asking me to stay in bed as much as possible post surgery. So I’m bringing Lots of stuff for entertainment. Plus this is also apparently a good comfort measure for labour, I wouldn’t know. 

- Comfy Clothes/ PJs/ robe. I bought myself a special pair of comfy PJ bottoms for the hospital. They’re from Joe Fresh and they’re soooooooo soft. With this you want to have clothes that are button closure or can be opened for breastfeeding. I bring plaid shirts because I find they are the best way to breastfeed that is comfortable for me. Some people bring their own hospital gowns but that’s a little extra, even for me. 

-  Snacks. Once you’re in labour, you can’t eat. But it is most likely the you won’t get a meal as soon as you deliver. For me, I can’t eat after midnight and I have my surgery at 10 ish so I will be very hangry after. My last surgery was at 2 and I nearly killed someone. 

- Breastfeeding pillow, pump, formula. Each mum is different, doesn’t matter how you feed your baby, as long as you’re doing it. But remember to be prepared with what you need in order to do that. For me, I breastfed Isla for as long as I could but we ran into issues after 5 weeks so I switched to the pump and then to formula at 4 months so I know that sometimes you don’t know how it’s going to go. I loved the My BrestFriend pillow because it has a clip and ensures baby is above my incision and I will be using it again this time around. Plus it has a little pocket to hold snacks and drinks, which you need when you breastfeed. However, because baby A will be in the NICU and we are not sure if she will be able to latch, I will be bringing my pump in order to pump my colostrum for her if needed. If you are going to formula feed, then just make sure you bring what you need to in order to be ready. 

List for baby: (all hospitals, countries and states/ provinces are different so check with your care provider) 

- Going home outfit. I am bringing a few different options as it has been ridiculously hot here but it’s hard to know what the weather will be like when we leave. The outfit I want to put her in, is the polka dot pjs in the photo above. They are from Next and I LOVE them. These clothes can also be for baby to wear whilst you are in the hospital, but because baby A will be in the NICU, they told me that they provide clothes for baby when they are in their care.  This can be a full outfit or just a set of pjs with a hat. Be prepared. 

- Car seat. Mine is the Graco SnugRide 35 in Echo. Seems like a no brainer, but a lot of people seem to forget this when they first head to the hospital or when they are packing to prepare. You cannot leave the hospital unless you have a car seat and base installed in your car. So make sure you’ve done it. (I actually haven’t done it at this point) 

- Swaddle blanket/ receiving blankets. When I had my first, she was in with me for the time I was in the hospital. I had her swaddled up all tight and snug whenever I needed her to be. The hospital does usually provide receiving blankets but you are allowed to bring your own. The girls have the last name lemon, so I have a lemon print swaddle from Little Unicorn that is packed and ready to go, as well as this beautiful paisley print one but I have no idea who makes it. Which sucks because I love it. The paisley is a little thinner, and will probably be used when we leave. Providing some extra comfort without boiling her. 

 - Diapers/ nappies and wipes. My hospital will be providing these as we will be in the NICU but I know that not all hospitals do. Check with your labour and delivery unit and see whether these items will need to be brought or whether they provide them. I use the Pampers Newborn. I want to use either the Seventh Generation or the Pampers Pure but they’re hard to find. 

- Soother/ pacifier/ dummy. I know this is a touchy subject but Isla LOVES her Wubbanub and cannot sleep without it. Because of this, I have packed baby A her very own and it is ready and waiting for her if she wants it. This is not a requirement and I know that some people do not agree with the use of them but we personally really like to use them so I am continuing that this time.

I have probably forgotten something, but for now, this is what I want/ need for my stay in the hospital. I hope that this was helpful and will help you pack your bag and have what you NEED. I know that every hospital is different and it’s hard to know exactly what you need. Most hospitals are able to provide you with a list that you would need for your location, so always ask and see if they can provide that to you. 

What did you forget from your bag that you wish you had remembered? What are your go to items to have that made your stay more comfortable? I’d love to hear your thoughts either in the comments or you can contact me on Instagram/ Twitter! @frankiiebeauty. 


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. I have a few posts scheduled so I am ready for the arrival of baby A. Keep an eye out on my social media platforms to see if she has made an appearance! Thanks again and I’ll see you in the next one!