Yoga Design Lab Mat Review And Anti-Stress Tips


Hello and welcome back! 

If you follow me on Instagram, then you would have recently seen a sneak peak of my 2 new Yoga Design Lab yoga mats! Ever since I had Isla, I wanted to get fit and take back my body and seeing as I fell pregnant again so quickly, I didn’t really get a chance to do that for myself. But now is the time! 

Having 2 babies in a year has taken its toll on my body and now is the time for me to finally put in the work for the beautiful body that I want. And I’m NOT saying that my post-partum body ISN’T beautiful, I just need to put in some work. And for me, that starts with some at home yoga. Because of this new venture into fitness and self care, I thought that I deserved some new workout goodies. Luckily, the timing worked out perfectly because Yoga Design Lab reached out to me to partner up and share with you their amazing yoga mats and I’m so excited to let you know about their products. 

 So I know that most yoga mats are the same; super cheap/boring mats that are just weird and squishy and that’s about it. But these are different. The owner, Chad, was doing a yoga class in Bali and noticed everyone had boring yoga mats that get ruined easily. So, last winter, he designed a collection of luxury yoga mats that are made natural tree rubber and recycled plastic bottle microfibres and with his new summer collection, the company has expanded to yoga mat towels, hand towels and bottles! 

It’s cool to think that these mats are made from recycled bottles and are ethically sourced. Instead of generic plastic mats that end up in landfills. Purchasing one of these mats is going to help reduce your carbon footprint and taking care of yourself at the same time. Which is pretty awesome. And more than anything; these mats are absolutely beautiful and make big chain store mats look terrible. Which I suppose they are in comparison. 

These mat are beautiful but also comfortable and durable, too. Which is important if you are using it daily. This mat will last a long time, which makes the price tag worth it. Although it is pricier than a cheap store bought mat, it is an excellent investment as you buy one that lasts forever instead of buying multiple mats that fall apart over time. As my mum always taught me, buy  a good pair of shoes instead of buying multiple cheap pairs of shoes.

With their wide variety of styles and colours, you’re guaranteed to find something that works for you. Whether it is a regular full sized mat or one of their convenient travel mats. I have one of each and it means I can have my travel one in the car to do my yoga/ stretches at any time. Check out their full selection here


I was lucky enough to receive the Combo Mat in Mandala Turquoise and the Travel Mat in Geo. Both of these mats are the perfect size to do any and all yoga poses and the travel mat is smaller, but not enough to make it difficult to use. The main difference is that the travel mat is thinner, allowing you to roll it up to be compact and easy to travel with. With an adjustable carrying strap, it is quick, easy and convenient. And if I find the strap for my travel mat, I can just adjust it to fit the regular mat. If you can’t tell, I really love these mats. I was sent these mats free of charge but my opinions are completely honest and genuine.

Anyway, won’t go on about them too much so let’s start talking about some quick and easy de-stressing tips and tricks. 

  • Night Time Skin Care - I am usually doing these anti stress activities at the end of the day. To start all of it off, I try to do my full face of nighttime skincare. This is the best way to clear my skin of the toxins that have clogged my pores throughout the day. 
  • Breathe App - A few weeks ago I met with the girl’s nurse and she asked me how I was doing. Unsurprisingly I told her I was tired, but good. Because I’ve had trouble sleeping, she recommended this app to me. You pick up to 5 emotions that best represent your mood each day and the app will tailor meditations and breathing exercises specifically to you and your mood. The first time I did this, I did a 5 minute breathing exercise and when I was done, I got chills. I haven’t felt so clear in a long time and I slept like a log. Cannot recommend enough. 
  •  Origins Peace Of Mind - I know that this stuff may just be a placebo and may not do anything at all, but it is a thin lotion formula that smells like refreshing mint. You apply it to the back of your neck, temples and earlobes (athought I can’t really apply it to my earlobes) and it is designed to help decrease stress levels and generally calm you. I apply this to my face before I use my breathe app. I believe it does help make my mind feel clear and calm. 
  • Jade Roller - This is another thing that may be considered a placebo and may not actually do anything, but it is a double ended roller made from jade (duh) that you use to roll over your face. There are many benefits but I use it over my fine lines and over my temples after applying the Peace of mind. You place it in your freezer before hand to make it nice and cold and rolling over the skin can provide many benefits. 
  • Bath! - This is something very obvious to most people but a bubble bath or a LUSH bath bomb helps to melt away my stress and anger if I have any there.  
  • Treats! - My last and probably my favourite is a treat. Although I am trying to eat healthily, I do love to treat myself when the mood hits and I try to make it something that isn’t going to revert any hard work I’ve done. My favourite treat is sorbet. But pick a treat and have it when you really need it. That bottle of wine every so often is okay. 
  • Stretches! - if you’re not interested in doing a full yoga work out, even starting and ending your day with some stretches will help you feel better and less tight and stressed. I have put a lot of strain on my back from breastfeeding and since I have been stretching, I’ve felt calmer and elasticated! Even just a few minutes and 2-3 stretches can make a HUGE difference.  

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed. Let me know what your anti stress tips are! And remember to follow me on my social media to keep up with me and my posts! I’m @frankiiebeauty everywhere. 

Thank you go reading and I’ll see you in the next one.